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Claiming Expenses

As a contractor, trying to get your head around what you can and can't legitimately claim as expenses can often be something of a minefield. For example, do you know whether or not you can claim for professional subscriptions and protective clothing. Can you claim for travel and subsistence under SDC (Supervision, Direction or Control)?

At Crystal, we know it's perfectly OK to claim for professional subscriptions and protective clothing, as long as they are used 100% (wholly & exclusively), for work related purposes and nothing else. In addition, we have the expertise to help you identify all the other expenses you're entitled to claim for whilst working on your contract.

Unlike less reputable Umbrellas, we don't believe in encouraging our contractor employees to exploit grey areas in the tax system. HMRC are constantly on the lookout for the exploitation of loopholes in tax legislation and will quickly step in to put a stop to any perceived 'perks'.

Here at Crystal, we don't do things half heartedly, which is why you won't find an assumptive online salary calculator on our site. Your decision to join an Umbrella should be based solely on the relevant facts and the service we provide, which is what our New Business Team are dedicated to providing you with. Remember, we are here to help and we can advise you on which business expenses you can legitimately claim

Remember all expenses must be budgeted for BEFORE each new contract. To find out more please contact our New Business Team today, by calling 0800 848 8888.

Types of Expenses

There are two distinct types of business expenses that you can process using Crystal your account. The first and most common are Crystal Business Expenses, while the second are Rechargeable Expenses, which are charged directly to your End Client.

Crystal Business Expenses

These are the costs incurred in the course of running your day-to-day business and they are processed, along with your pay, without being subject to Tax and NIC.

Rechargeable Expenses

These are the costs incurred in the course of running your day-to-day business that have been authorised by your end Client or Agency and will be fully reimbursed by them. Rechargeable Expenses can include a wide range of items and/or services and must be clearly identified and agreed with your end Client or Agency before the commencement of any contract.

These expenses are reimbursed to you in full, and should not be confused with your Crystal Business Expenses.

Rechargeable Expenses should be submitted together and for the same period as your timesheets, so that they can be billed to your Agency/Client on the same invoice and paid accordingly.

So, we hear you ask, what can I claim? Unfortunately, there are no set rules regarding the type or value of Rechargeable Expenses you can claim, because they form part of the agreement between you and your Agency/Client. You should always agree what, if anything, you can claim and how you go about making this claim before you start your contract; this should all be discussed in your contract negotiations.

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