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How Crystal Umbrella Works

The majority of people seem to think our industry is, in some strange way, akin to black magic, operating a dubious and secretive method of tax avoidance. However, nothing could be further from the truth! We are actually quite dull and dare we say, boring. Being perceived as somewhat cavalier and operating on the periphery of legality sounds much more colourful.

Crystal Umbrella is an Employment Management Company set up for the sole purpose of employing temporary workers; Contractors, Freelancers, Locums, Temps and Interims for example and making their contracting life more rewarding, hassle free and most of all legally compliant.

Most contractors believe they are self-employed, due to the fact that they call themselves 'Contractors' and not permanent staff, which is another myth. The majority of contractors, some 85% of all fixed term contract workers, are actually 'Deemed Employed', in the eyes of HMRC and as they are Her Majesty's tax collectors, we are not going to argue with them on that point.

The simple fact is, a contractor's true working status is based on two finite points; what the terms of their contracts state and their actual working practices when working, (which now overrules the written contract). Whether a contractor is deemed to be self-employed is completely determined by these two points and cannot be decided by the contractor.

So, you may well be asking yourself, what will Crystal actually do to assist me and make my life easier? The simple answer is, we can help the 85% of contract workers who are deemed employed operate safely and effeciently and by processing legitimate budgeted business expenses compliantly.

That's just the beginning though, because we also provide comprehensive assistance and support in the following areas:

  • 1st class customer support
  • Contractual compliance & administration
  • Pre-appointment screening service (PASS)
  • Professional insurance
  • Budgeted expense processing
  • Tax advice, planning and returns
  • Financial protection and investment advice
  • Health & well-being

As the UK's leading Umbrella Company, we are recognised for our unsurpassed quality of service and professional advice, which is why we are proud to have helped over 25,000 contractors throughout the UK.

Crystal Umbrella is also a Member of PRISM an organisation that was formed to provide a unified voice and a comprehensive set of standards for the umbrella industry.

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