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Why choose Crystal Umbrella

Lets be honest, right from the start, Crystal Umbrella do offer many of the same benefits provided by several of our competitors within the market. However, we have a number of key benefits and processes that are unique to us and which we believe give us a significant edge over our rivals. Take a few minutes to check through the following list and we think you'll agree.

  • We have been voted the No 1 Umbrella Company in the UK by real contractors, working in the real world and have held this sought after position since November 2008.
  • We operate PAYE only and are not associated with any other form of payment processing solution. You can therefore rest assured that we are secure, risk free and dedicated to providing you with the best service available.
  • We offer a dedicated single point of contact for all contractors. You have access to direct dial telephone numbers and personal email addresses for your Account Manager, who is responsible for handling all your queries.
  • We can begin the payroll process on receipt of a remittance rather than waiting for cleared funds from agencies and clients. In such cases we pay our workers on the very same day that their agency would have if they were running their own basic PAYE payroll using a BACS payment system.
  • We have a virtually paper-free registration process, which can be completed in minutes, either over the phone or online.
  • All our contract signing is done in real time online in the Crystal Secure Document Exchange, a fully secure 128 bit encrypted cloud technology. We'll use the same process for Employment and Agency contracts, making the entire sign-up and contract process as streamlined as possible. Obviously, this will also save you money in postage costs and eradicate postal delays.
  • We are extremely proud to be accredited members of PRISM, who believe in a high quality, strategically focused trade association and are the crucial link between Government and industry. Working closely with Ministers and the Civil Service to create the right conditions for informed decisions affecting the sector, PRISM sets the agenda regarding legislation, regulation and government initiatives.
  • Our in-house team of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualified HR professionals are ready and waiting to offer full HR support to all our workers.
  • We are partnered with a team of Independent Financial Advisors that offer tailored advice on all things financial, protection and investments. Best of all, because they are completely independent they are able to offer advice to you on relevant products across the entire market, rather than being tied into any one provider. What's more, their advice is just that, advice. They can suggest what they consider to be the best solution, based on your own personal circumstances. It's not just factual information you have to take a decision on alone, they will be there to offer guidance and support.

Having read this far, don't just take our word for how good we are, after all we are a tad biased. Instead, see what our current contractors, agencies and clients have to say about us in the What our workforce say section.

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