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Crystal Express

Agency RPO and integrated payment processing; Are you looking to bulk process your contractor payments with a payroll partner dedicated to efficiency, compliancy and a premium service for all? If so look no further.

We are dedicated to streamlining business-to-business transactions and dynamic enough to accept process integration on many different levels. Here at Crystal we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the services and facilities offered to our network of over 1,000 agencies.

In collaboration with a number of agencies that were looking for ways to bulk process invoices and payments, we designed and implemented a completely new method of processing, which we named Crystal Express. As a result, agencies are now able to transfer pay data to Crystal Umbrella in bulk, streamlining their internal processes, cutting costs and improving efficiency. Best of all, because we operate one of the fastest payment cycles in the business, your contractors are kept happy and contented.

Crystal Express

Crystal Umbrella functions in a slightly different way to most Umbrella companies. For example, one of our key advantages is that we pay your contractors as soon as you supply a remittance rather than waiting for received funds. This allows us to offer your workers one of the fastest payment processing times available.

In order to offer the this service we require your written confirmation and approval for the amount, (usually the invoice total), which is due to arrive in our account. As soon as we receive your instructions we immediately begin processing the payroll.

We understand that it is not always possible to issue remittances as it is time consuming and must be done virtually instantly to be of benefit. Crystal Express negates the need for this.

How does Crystal Express work?

Bulk processing contractor’s invoices and payments eliminate the necessity for timesheets to be sent to Crystal Umbrella. Instead, the agency continues to receive them, inputs the billed time directly onto a “Payment Schedule”, which takes the form of a simple spreadsheet and sends them back to Crystal Umbrella.

On receipt of the payment schedule we immediately process the workers income and issue the payment by BACS on the same day. Processing the bulk “Payment Schedule” is done on the same day that we raise the invoice for you ready for payment. It can be delivered in electronic or hardcopy format and can be either a single total or itemised for each worker, the choice is yours.

The length of time you have in which to pay the invoice is known as your “credit terms” and they are based on the level of business managed the frequency you pay your workers, and your credit/payment history.

What are the costs?

This service is FREE to both contractors and agencies.

What benefits does Crystal Express provide?

  • No raising and issuing of remittances
  • No mistakes in invoicing due to illegible timesheets
  • No incorrect Invoices
  • All your contractors are paid on a set date
  • No invoice credits or refunds to process
  • No rushing to get the BACS payment to Crystal Umbrella
  • Increased flexibility over cash flow
  • More control over the time your contractors claim

The Crystal Express process only removes the need for Crystal Umbrella to collect timesheets; our responsibility for subsequent stages remain unchanged and are as follows:

  • HMRC Tax & NI calculations
  • All deductions, such as pensions, student loans, CSA payments etc
  • Collation and processing of all legitimate business expenses incurred by contractors whilst in contract
  • Issuing of payslips & P60’s
  • All customer servicing relating to payroll
  • Credit Control
  • All reporting to HMRC

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