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Contractor Testimonials

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the fantastic relationships we’ve developed with our hard-working and loyal contractor employees. Here’s some of the testimonials that we have received.

Pat a consultant from Northern Ireland said;

The relationship between contractor and AM is useful, informative, friendly and helpful in every way. In my case there is always an incompatibility problem between the automated timesheet system used by my Agent and the invoice generating portal of Crystal Umbrella. This frequently requires manual intervention by my AM in order to ensure that payment goes through in the quickest time possible. In all cases this has been carried out with the minimum of fuss and maximum of good grace.

Adam a Digital Producer from London said;

My contract dealings with Crystal have been smooth with no need for day to day contact, running like clockwork in the background. When ever I have had a need to contact Crystal my AM has always been happy to help, usually calling or emailing me back within an hour or two and answering questions in full. I was more than happy to recommend Crystal to my wife and to other permanent staff members I worked with who were investigating contracting.

Malcolm a Programme Funding Coordinator from Wolverhampton said;

Preliminary paperwork was made clear and handled efficiently, minimising the load on me. The templates are well set up with macros to minimise the amount of input required by candidates and the risk of errors or confusion in data submitted. Any changes, e.g. arising from HMRC policy changes, are flagged up clearly well in advance and Crystal staff are very patient and responsive in explaining implications on tax or on completion of new paperwork. It is a huge benefit to have all paperwork set up for quick and easy submission of data week on week: the routine makes it easy and the confidence that the candidate is covered is reassuring.

As a self-employed consultant for years, faced with the horrors and drudgery of monthly accounts and quarterly VAT, the Crystal Umbrella Service saves me 2 days a month. The immediate responsiveness is a huge benefit taking frustration and worry out of all matters Income Tax, National Insurance, Payroll and Accounts.

David a CAD Technician from Essex said;

I have been very pleased with the service that Crystal has provided me with at all times. I will with no doubt be seeking services from Crystal once the industry picks up again & I can return to contracting. Many thanks for all of your help.

Chris an IT Consultant from County Down says;

At first I was a little unsure about using an umbrella company but when I realised all of the services that they offered; it did not take long to sway my opinion. With Crystal Umbrella I have received an extremely professional service and I feel that the services they offer are unsurpassed. I have yet to encounter a problem that their "can do" attitude would falter on. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to my peers. Thanks Crystal for taking the hassle out of contracting. 10/10

Michael an Aircraft Engineer from Gloustershire says;

I have found working with Crystal to be an easy and friendly service, from registration through to resignation. I can highly recommend Crystal as an Umbrella Organisation and in Particular my assigned AM for her assistance and guidance during my time with them.

Nigel a Production Planner form the Wirral said;

I'm delighted to be associated with Crystal Umbrella. As someone new to contracting I have been very impressed with the very high level of help and support offered, coupled with just the right balance of friendliness and professionalism. As a weekly paid employee, it’s important that the flow of information is easy to control. With Crystal's Web Portal technology timesheets and other associated documents can be created, submitted, and managed with a few keystrokes. I would, without hesitation, recommend Crystal Umbrella, secure in the knowledge that your tax and other obligations are being managed correctly and efficiently.

David a Team Leader from County Down says we are…

A very easy to understand and use system, the Account Managers are helpful and knowledgeable and quick to assist and sort any problems that you might encounter. They ensure that you are kept up to date with all the relevant details concerning your job and payments and try as best as possible to make the whole process as smooth and painless as possible.

Lyla a Liaison Officer form Birmingham said;

I found that my Account Manager was most helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and I am very happy with all the staff that I have spoken to. Crystal have a great, friendly and efficient service, speedy payments and are always on time with any correspondence. I wouldn't think twice about using this service again. Thanks

Anwar an Electronic Design Engineer from London said;

I have been very happy in all my contract periods with Crystal Umbrella as my employment payroll service. I would like to say thank you to my Account Manager for their loyal services and commitment, processing my queries and payments. Crystal Umbrella is just great!! Thank you to everyone for the continuous work and service provided to me, making payments get to me as quickly as possible without a CHAPS payment hehe.

John a Purchasing and Logistics Manager from Birmingham says;

Working as a contractor for many years and with several different umbrella companies my experience has been fairly disappointing. I have found that Crystal give a level of service second to none in all areas, and the online systems are both very instructive and simple to use. I have also found that in particular my Account Manager has been exceptional and the level of communication and customer service care has been beyond my expectations! I would seriously recommend giving Crystal an opportunity to help if you have experienced problems with your current contract or are thinking of moving into contract working.

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